References to 'We' 'Our 'and 'Us' refer to Mitro.
References to 'You', 'Employee' and 'Your' refer to
References to 'Employer' refer to Company.
Reference to 'Agreement' refers to the legally binding document signed between the Employer
and Mitro.
Reference to 'Third Party' refers to all platforms utilizing Mitro Services.
Reference to "Accrued Salary" means, in respect of any Employee, the amount corresponding
to the Salary due to such Employee from the Employer, which is accrued at any point during the
Salary Cycle.
Reference to "EWA" means Early Wage Access to the Accrued Salary.

Mitro is solely responsible for providing a platform to enable financial transactions to Employees subject to the Employers signing an agreement with Mitro and individuals onboarding ("Agreement").

1. Mitro App / Website

a) The Mitro App by the name 'MITRO' (the "App") and Mitro Website, (the
"Website"), hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Mitro Finance Platforms" provides
short-term salary advances to employees of various entities, through the Mitro Finance
Platforms, in order to enable such employees to have early access to their Accrued Salary (or
portions thereof) and promote employee wellness (the "Services").

b) The App and the Website are bank-agnostic, cloud-based platforms that offer multiple solutions to
access Your Salary.
c) The App and the Website function in rights and responsibility-based structure where all the rights
are solely assigned to the Customer who has the right to have early access to their Accrued Salary
(The "Advance Salary") or portions thereof by a customer up until the date and time of initiating a
transaction through the App or the Website. Transactions must be in Bangladeshi Taka only.
d) You are not permitted to make transactions of cash.
e) The App or the Website cannot provide retroactive access to unpaid earnings that arose
before You established Your Mitro Account.
f) All transactions made through the App or the Website are charged as per the commercials decided
in the Agreement.

2. Onboarding criteria
a) The Employer is a validly existing and duly organized business under the laws of the
People's Republic of Bangladesh with the necessary authority, qualifications, licenses,
permits and registrations necessary to conduct its business.
b) The Employee must:
i. Be currently employed;
ii. have a valid and up-to-date National Identification Card ("NID"), e-mail address; and
iii. mobile telephone number to be registered with Mitro App and Website.
2.1 Change
a) You will be informed of any change Mitro makes via SMS and/or email.
b) Mitro reserves the right to add, modify, revise, vary, amend, delete, withdraw or
supplement, in whole or in part, any of the provisions outlined in these Terms and
Conditions including, without limitation, Contract Price.
c) You must notify us immediately if Your information changes.
3. Your Responsibilities
a) If You believe that the App and Website have been accessed without Your knowledge or
consent, or that your password has been fraudulently used, You shall contact Mitro
immediately to block your account and future transactions.
b) You will take all reasonable precautions to ensure the security of access to the App and the
Website and must not, under any circumstances, allow any third party or any person to access
or use the App and the Website for any purpose.
c) You undertake to fully reimburse and pay for any services received from us (including the
service charge and the advance wage received) and any such payment in connection with or
in respect of a transaction made on the App and the Website shall be verified and
authenticated by You.
d) You shall be responsible to verify and authenticate the Payment and account details of the
beneficiary accounts to authorize a transaction through the App and the Website. Mitro will
not be responsible for any losses or damages suffered due to incorrect information provided
by you.
e) You are advised to exercise caution and use industry-standard means to detect and disable
viruses and other harmful materials.
f) You will not use the App and the Website in any way that will contravene any legal or
regulatory provision.
g) You Agree to repay, return and or reimburse Mitro any extra amount transferred as a result
of a system error, human error or technical glitch. Mitro reserves the right to automatically
recover the amount in excess of Your rightful ownership from your account, with or without
h) Any penalties levied by any regulatory authority with regard to the use by Customer shall be
solely to the Customer's sole account.
i) In case of a dispute with the Employer, You shall resolve the Dispute.
j) You must notify us of any dispute between You and Your Employer.
k) In the case where you sign up directly through Mitro, without involvement from the
Employer or a third party, You are responsible for providing true and accurate information to
Mitro. .
4. You and Your Employer
a) You Agree to allow your Employer to make direct debit payments to Mitro on any
outstanding amount payable, inclusive of any amount under the Contract Price from your
salary and/or settlement amount.
b) You Consent to Your Employer Sharing and receiving employment data with and from Mitro.
c) Mitro only requests information from your Employer that is required to provide the
Service, and such information is not shared outside of Mitro, other than with regulators.
d) Transaction alerts in real-time for all Your transactions and will be visible to the Employer.
e) The App and the Website rely upon information from Your Employer about You.
f) In the scenario that Your Employer disagrees with you about the amount of unpaid earnings You
earned or the amount that it owes You, or any other disagreement between you and your
employer Mitro shall not participate to resolve or otherwise become involved in disputes
between You and Your Employer.
g) In case of individuals onboarding independently:
i. Mitro may communicate with your Employer to ensure the accuracy of the
information You provide to Mitro.
ii. Mitro may take support from your employer to recover any outstanding amounts payable.
5. Your undertakings
a) You undertake to abide by the Money Laundering Prevention Act (MLPA), 2012, Anti-
Terrorism Act (ATA) 2009, Act/Regulations and any other act and regulations issued by
Bangladesh Bank, Bangladesh Securities And Exchange Commission, the National Board of
Revenue and any other prescribed laws of Bangladesh.
b) You undertake and agree not to use or permit the use of the App and the Website for any
illegal or improper purposes and shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations
governing the transactions.
c) You shall be responsible for the accuracy, completeness and authenticity of the funds
transferred made through the App and the Website.
d) You acknowledge that the App and the Website consist of complex software that is never
wholly free from defects, errors and bugs and undertake not to hold Mitro responsible for
among other things, backend errors, the operation and availability of the systems used for
accessing the App and the Website.
e) You undertake and confirm that compliance with these T&C's and provision of the Services
shall be subject to the internal policies of Mitro, which may change from time to time, and the
relevant circulars/ notifications of the relevant authorities.
6. Liability
a) The Customer holder accepts that Mitro is solely a service provider and accepts that Mitro
will not be liable for any transactions done via the App or the Website.
b) To the fullest under applicable laws, in no event shall Mitro be liable to Customer for indirect,
consequential, exemplary, special or punitive damages arising out of or in connection with the
furnishing, performance, use of the App or the Website, violation of these T&C'S and/or
misrepresentations, fraud, willful misconduct, actions, omissions or negligence by You.
c) Customer shall be solely responsible and Mitro shall not be liable for any loss (direct, indirect
or consequential) if access is gained to account through forgery, wiretap, theft or divulgence of
the password by Customer.
d) Mitro shall not be liable or responsible for any transaction-related issue(s) faced by You
due to mobile network portability or incorrect information provided by You or Your
e) Mitro will not be liable for any technical glitch and/ or viruses.
f) Mitro will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by a virus, distributed denial-of-service
attack, or other technologically harmful material that may infect computer equipment,
computer programs, data or other proprietary material due to Your use of the App or the
7. Mitro's Rights
a) Mitro may block the account/suspend the service if any company and/or its authorized
personnel are found to be involved in any suspicious activity or activity in violation of the
laws of Bangladesh or have violated these T&C's. You are liable for payment of penalty as
determined by Mitro and/or can result in partial or complete suspension of the Account. Any
penalties levied by any regulatory authority with regard to the use by You shall be purely on
Your sole Account.
b) Mitro is authorized to make such disclosures in respect of the Account and transactions as
may be required by any court order or competent authority or agency under the provisions
or applicable laws and/or otherwise to safeguard the interests of Mitro.
c) Mitro may at any time revise these Terms and Conditions by updating this posting.
8. Mitro's Undertakings
a. The Services provided by Mitro to the You will not infringe or violate any intellectual
property rights or other rights of any third party.
b. Mitro shall conduct all activities in a professional, ethical and orderly manner and shall
ensure provision of quality services at all times with an objective to satisfy You.
9. Indemnity
The Customer agrees to fully indemnify and hold harmless Mitro, its representatives and employees, to
the fullest extent of the law from any consequence arising as a result of using the App and the
10. Unscheduled Downtime
During unscheduled maintenance, a notice shall be placed on the App and the Website and an
email/sms shall be sent notifying Customer that there is an unscheduled outage and the expected

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